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Many Worlds Theory Resources

If you don’t know much about the Many Worlds theory and would like to learn more, below are some non-fiction books about the theory. I’ve read all of these books and recommend them.


In Search of The Multiverse
by John Gribbin
A very good introduction and overview of the many possible scenarios that could lead to “many universes” (not just the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum physics). Also goes into quantum computers and how their apparent success (albeit early and small-scale) is most likely due to the Many Worlds theory being correct.

The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
by Brian Greene
Brian Greene is a best-selling popular science writer and a clear communicator. This book is similar to John Gribbin’s book above, in that it explains the many ways in which there may be more than just “our universe.” I read this one years ago and recommend it, although I’d probably choose Gribbin’s book before this one. This one does have an audiobook version, though.

The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III
by Peter Byrne
This is a biography of Hugh Everett, who first came up with the Many Worlds theory to explain quantum physics in 1957. I’ve read this book and it’s an interesting read. Besides talking about quantum physics and Many Worlds theory, the book delves into Everett’s work on computer theory and game theory during the Cold War and the problems in his domestic life.